Ho Chi Minh City does not use plastic cups and straws
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Ho Chi Minh City does not use plastic cups and straws

Team La Xanh is very happy to receive news on August 1, 2019: From now on Ho Chi Minh City does not use plastic straw cups. Being Green, please allow me to share the article from Vnexpress for you to read. So people are more motivated to change their habits; towards greener and cleaner life.

Notice of Ho Chi Minh City

Public authorities in Ho Chi Minh City are required to restrict bottled drinking water; Do not use plastic cups or straws to protect the environment.

According to the plan to respond to the movement “Against plastic waste” in the period of 2019 – 2021, just issued by Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee; From August 1 st, the state administrative agencies and non-business units in the city must restrict to use bottled drinking water (330 ml – 500 ml) and switch to using large-volume water bottles (over 20 liters); or self-cooking, using reusable containers; environmentally friendly.

Party, State and mass organizations; schools, health facilities in the area are also required not to use plastic cups; plastic straws … used once in all daily activities.

From 2020, the Department of Finance will not allocate funds for expenditures in state administrative agencies; Non-business units to purchase disposable plastic products.

Ho Chi Minh City goal until the end of 2020

The HCM City government also aims to the end of 2020; all supermarkets, commercial centers, convenience stores, bookstores … in the area use environmentally friendly packaging; replace persistent nylon bags; small businesses in local markets have reduced 50% of using nylon bags packed, containing products for customers.

Convenience stores, restaurants need to have a discount policy; accumulate points for guests carrying products to contain; Contain goods, food, drink …

The city will bring educational content about the impact of plastic waste and nylon bags on the environment; instruct the classification of waste at source into the curriculum at all levels.

Author: Trung Son

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