La Xanh  towards what purpose?
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La Xanh towards what purpose?

La Xanh has a mission to introduce green solutions to everyone, so that we can live  friendlier with natural.

This mission is not natural that there is.

They are derived from the stories of the founders: Nghia (founder) and Nguyen (co-founder).


1. La Xanh increasingly green

There is a question that Nguyen has been looking for answers for over 30 years:

“Who I am? What am I here for? Am I happy? Am I really me? ”

Each time Nguyen thinks she about to achieve happiness, the answer is disappointing Nguyen

I think I would be happy if I had a home. I thought that if I had the money, I would be happy. But not

Through the classes of psychology, meditation, mind, Nguyen broke that:

“The core of happiness is love.”

Including loving yourself, loving society, loving nature around you.

The source of love is the connection.Through the body, through the intellect, through the soul.

It is no coincidence that the unfortunate country of China has many people crowded to live in narrow apartment buildings; Bhutan, the happiest country in the world, breathes with the mountains and forests.

Therefore, La Xanh is a way for Nguyen and her companions to reconnect with nature through each straw we use every day.

Originally mind:

“To do is to be happy, otherwise rest”

Therefore, one of the three goals of La Xanh is to:

“More and more green.”

To the team La Xanh and the companions increasingly close to happiness.

2. Towards a carpentry product

2.1. Nature is not to overpower, but to feel

The more intellectual society becomes, the more they will enjoy the rustic, because nature is not to overpower, but to feel.

This is a strange rule, but it is very true.

Europe is the place where the world’s most perfect economic law was created; It is also the place to nurture the most natural soulful wood carvers, such as Damiano Taurino, Giuseppe Rumerio, Giles Newman …

That is the reason why La Xanh geared towards carpentry product.

Because from instinct, we humans have a tendency to stick with nature already; Just is busy life making us forget only.

2.2. No competition, all just views

Because of this goal, Nghia refused the units requesting to import bamboo straws in color, square and beautiful; to put into their restaurant system.

Because if it is true that natural bamboo straws, it can never be the same color, square as cast from a mold.

The size of the straws is always different, only a few millimeters, but the difference cannot be evenly.

And on the natural bamboo there are always small brown spots, each straws  with a different position; This is a “gift” that nature bestows on bamboo.

Because of this brown spot, the color of the bamboo straws always mixes brown, yellow, gray and black.

“The problem here is not price, competition, cheap price, but opinion.”

So you must be sincere first, then you are fortunate to meet people of the same opinion, to build a sustainable relationship.

3. Respect nature

3.1. La Xanh limits plastic waste to maximum

“Nature exists to be respected, not destroyed.”

That is the meaning of Nghia.

Therefore ultimate goal La Xanh towards, is to respect nature by respecting farmers and suppliers; Always use green solutions when possible; limit littering to a maximum.

But, it’s not so easy. Difficulties and hardships are what Nghia sees every day.

Many Things La Xanh accept sacrifice  in return for respect for nature; but the results came very slowly, such as using packaging to be recycled paper, paper from cajuput; buying bamboo from farmers does not force prices.

Nghĩa knows that in order for farmers to respect the environment, they must first be economically secure.

It is difficult to talk naturally with someone who has to run three meals, but it will be much easier if they have economic stability

La Xanh does not force supplier prices because of that.

3.2. Give away is to get back

But,  La Xanh continues to make efforts.

Not because thinks yourself more moral or holy than anyone; but because Nghia understands the simple thing:

“Respect nature, nature respects us.”

Nghia wanted to extend the cool mornings, to sit quietly in a corner of the street, enjoy the fat aroma of iced coffee, watch the flow of people and breathe the clean air …

To be naturally endowed with great things, Nghia must begin with respect for nature.

That is why Nghia with La Xanh perseveres along this path, starting with bamboo straws very small



With the rare advantages of the grass straw, in just a short year, La Xanh has found the “companions” who are resorts, restaurants, cafes …

For example as Wahi (Hawaii); and the hotel chain Hotel Hafen Flensburg (Germany), Projektkontor GmbH (Germany) …

The special thing that La Xanh team is proud of is having a partner in the German market; where people are very skillful and have high standards, with particular attention to the environment.

So, if the business owner also wants to protect the health of customers, minimize the waste of plastic in the wild; La xanh  ready to accompany business owners.

Please connected with us on 0988235035 (Mr Nghia).

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