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  1. Natural 100% natural product from organic melon fruit.
  2. Environmental friendliness.
  3. Skin cleaning is easier than products from nylon
  4. Bath cotton effectively exfoliates
  5. The highest cleansing and smoothing effect when used in combination with natural herbal soap
  6. Each person should have a separate loofah bath, limit sharing
  7. Soft absorbent, with fabric trim suitable for those with sensitive



Natural loofah cotton baths both reduce plastic litter and protect customers’ health. The trend of buying loofah cotton for hotel and spa chains has begun to appear in 2018.

At the same time, it is also a way to attract the attention of customers of European and American origin; are people who care about the environment and are willing to pay large sums of money for good service.

However, many hotel chains, spas … do not fully understand the interesting effects of this type of cotton bath; to use for your business.

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1. What is loofah bath??

Cotton bath in the natural loofah, is selected from the fruit after drying with fine fibers, beautiful, does not cause burning pain or scratching the skin.

With a natural interwoven texture, loofah has a gentle massage effect on the body, removes dead cells, promotes collagen regeneration, and makes skin clean and full of vitality. In addition, it also promotes blood circulation to bring vitality and effective back acne removal.

Products are 100% natural, selected from Binh Thuan fields. A pure Vietnamese product that brings health to the community. No harmful substances and absolutely safe for users. Cotton bath loofah with compact design, fits in the handle, suitable for everyday use. With the texture of mixed fear, loofah is a precious gift from nature, the loofah is safe for all skin types, does not cause irritation, can be used daily or 01 to 03 times / week depending on sensitivity.

If you decide to continue using Cotton bath , proper maintenance is crucial. Accordingly, drying Cotton bath right after bathing is very important so that the cotton bath can dry quickly after each use, instead of leaving it in a humid, hot environment after each hot bath.

The production process is completely natural

  1. Choosing standard fruit picking, Old fruit sign: the skin is slightly yellowish and slightly dry, so it has more fiber, soft and beautiful white fibers.
  2. Separate the melon peel from the fibers.
  3. Cut the two ends of the melon fruit and then remove the seeds, the old melon will turn black, before peeling, shake the melon strongly, the seeds will peel off the fiber.
  4. In order for the beautiful white loof fibers to not turn yellow, after peeling, the loofs are immediately dropped into a basin of cold water and washed with water.
  5. Classification and packaging of products.

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Cotton bath loofah long 11cm


Oval loofah cotton bath with 13cm high
Xơ Mướp Mềm Mại


Natural Anti-Bacteria


2. 2019 trend: don’t use plastic

Speaker Janice Dickinson has a very famous quote for women:

“Follow sound business trends, not fashion trends”

(Follow business trends, don’t follow fashion trends)

The entrepreneur’s concern should be the trend.

Business trends, market trends, customer trends, not clothing trends.

Acknowledging the trend is the instinct of successful entrepreneurs.

The more you are the owner of a small and medium business, the more you must practice this ability well.

And using environmentally friendly items is a prominent trend in 2019.

According to Forbes, since April 2019, New York City has officially banned plastic bags, and considered banning plastic straws.

Because microplastics not only pollute the environment, but also damage users’ health.

Therefore, intellectual tourists from New York in particular, and Europe and America in general; are very sensitive to the use of plastic, they want to limit as little as possible.

3. Plastic alternatives: Not easy!

As for the business owner, when they are a compassionate business person, they will always search for the best methods for their customers.

They look for a green solution, but they are really confused, because:

The green solution is not easy, but the easy solution is no longer green.

Because it is too difficult, so people have fallen into the “trap” of convenience plastic products for nearly 200 years.

The question now is: comfort is exchanged for green; Or close my eyes and use a plastic bag with the thought that I will die anyway?

The answer is La Xanh, which is:

Must be balanced.

4. Cotton bath loofah is a solution to protect health

For La Xanh, every solution must have a balance between comfort – environmental friendliness to be used for a long time; because of:

Something extreme is not durable, that is the law of nature.

Among the plastic bath alternatives, loofah is the most balanced answer, satisfying 4 factors:

1. Convenient.
2. Good for health.
3. Helping the owner to promote the brand.
4. Good price

Convenience in that Cotton bath can be used a lot, compact and easy to carry.

The process of making Cotton bath has no preservatives, no plastic, and does not destroy the environment; should be used without harming health, and not affecting nature.

Therefore, customers, especially of European – American origin, are especially interested in Cotton bath

With relatively cheap price for a Cotton bath; Tourists choose right without thinking.

They even buy a lot to bring back to the country for use or as gifts.

5. The loofah bath also helps to promote the brand at a low cost

And the two most important effects that business owners need most, that is to help promote the brand and the reasonable price.

With a profit margin of about 10% to 15% a year, the cost problem is always a headache for every owner. Because only a large expense arises; that month, that year will fall into breakeven, or loss.

Tiny imagined expenses such as coffee, tea, cakes, drinking water, advertising, PR … if not careful, they will turn into “boat wrecking holes”.

When using Cotton bath loofah, the brand can also win the hearts of customers; Customers will pass the brand word on their own to friends in coffee, party.

So the money you spend is not for an ordinary bath cotton. It is the cost of customer retention and branding

5. Where to buy wholesale loofah cotton bath ?

“Where to buy wholesale price of loofah cotton?” is the concern of companies and businesses that want to buy BTXM to give to customers, employees, or to promote the natural protection movement in the company itself.

The current price of BTXM is very diverse throughout the market. Therefore, it is very difficult to find a good wholesale price of loofah cotton, because demand has exceeded supply. However, you do not need to worry too much, because La Xanh is the answer to the question “Where to buy wholesale loofah cotton bath?”

To get a quote, please contact La Xanh at 0988235035 (Mr. Nghia).

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