Set Japanese Style Wooden Fork Spoon


Wooden spoon and fork set is the best choice to replace plastic spoon for 5 reasons:

  • Set of chopsticks and fork is designed in Japanese style, with natural aroma, luxurious and eye-catching design.
  • Can be used many times, completely replacing plastic fork and spoon. Optimal lightweight
  • Comes in an environmentally friendly wheat flour box
  • Reasonable price, suitable for students, students, office workers.


“Set Japanese Style Wooden Fork Spoon is one of the products favored by customers today. a line of products that completely replace disposable plastic spoons and forks.

What is a Japanese style wooden spoon set?

For a long time, Wooden spoon chopsticks have been used in the daily meals of Vietnamese people.

However, the speed of industrialization transforms plastic household products to serve human needs.

La Xanh respects cultural values, preserving traditional beauties close to people and nature.

The set of wooden spoon and fork is light brown tone, made entirely of 100% natural wood, so the wood grain in the products has not been homogeneous.

Designed in Japanese style, simple but luxurious.

Does not contain toxic substances from micro plastic particles.

All natural wood products and bamboo straws are placed in boxes made of wheat grass.

Wheatgrass flour is made from wheatgrass.

Wheat grass is the stem and root of young wheat from 8-12 days old.

Wheat grass contains about 13 vitamins, 10 minerals, 17 amino acids and more than one hundred enzymes that are beneficial to human health.

Therefore, young wheat grass is very popular with Vietnamese people, used to grind to make juice, drink to help the body eliminate toxins.

Not only that, wheatgrass pulverized has another use: making containers, replacing plastic containers.

Japanese style wooden spoon set is a very new product, has just appeared in Vietnam since October 2019.

Although new, Japanese style wooden chopsticks and chopsticks sets are very popular with customers, because it solves the worries of office workers: want to protect nature; but forced to use plastic chopsticks, because they have no other choice.

Now, the office world can bring Japanese style wooden chopsticks and chopsticks to work, while being economical, environmentally friendly, and safe for health

At the same time, the wooden spoon set chopsticks emit a slight aroma, stimulating appetite.

Why should we use Japanese style wooden spoon set?

It takes us only a second to buy a disposable plastic fork and spoon.

But the environment takes at least 1,000 years to endure pollution; because plastic forks take 1,000 years to decompose.

Not only that, when scooping food with plastic chopsticks; using plastic straws also expose the body to micro-particles; gradually affect badly to health; can even cause heart disease, and cancer.

The price of a “convenient second” is really too expensive; both for our health and for the environment.

Be aware of the dangers of plastic straws; France has officially banned single-use plastic items.

Then, in April 2019, New York also followed France when it officially banned the use of plastic packaging and straws.

From here, the trend of using environmentally friendly products has spread all over the world; including Vietnam.

In addition to straws, packaging, customers are also interested in an alternative to plastic chopsticks.

The Japanese style wooden spoon and fork is the solution to ease that demand.

But, customers do not know where Japanese style wooden spoon set buys to ensure good quality.

And they come to La Xanh.


La Xanh’s Japanese style wooden spoon and fork set is popular for 7 reasons:

  • Bộ đũa muỗng nĩa gỗ được thiết kế gọn nhẹ đựng trong hộp lúa mì; kèm theo 2 ống hút tre, 1 sơ dừa.
  • Compactly designed wooden spoon and fork set in wheat box; accompanied by 2 bamboo straws, 1 coconut brush.
  • Reasonable price, suitable for students, students, office workers.
  • Good quality: dry, fragrant, clean.
  • The set of wooden spoon and chopsticks is environmentally friendly and safe for health.
  • Compact size, easy to carry, suitable for carrying to work every day.
  • Can be cleaned after use; Reusable from 6 to 12 months.

Specifications of Japanese style wooden spoon and fork set:

  • Box size: 6 x 24.5 x 3cm.
  • Fork spoon is 18.5 cm long
  • Chopsticks are 22 cm long
  • The straw is 20 cm long
  • Package weight: 324 grams.
  • Colors: yellow earth.
  • HSD: 6 – 12 months.
    Set of utensils and utensils can be completely decomposed, not harmful to nature.
    Products to ensure safety for users.

User manual:

  • Wooden spoon and fork set for eating food (rice, salty food, soup)
  • Can be washed and reused.
  • Shelf life up to 12 months.

 Methods of preservation:

  • Keep in a clean and high place.
  • After use, rinse and dry to reuse.

So La Xanh answered the question “where to buy Japanese style wooden spoon and fork set?” From many customers.

When receiving the goods, please check the quality; If there are any issues that do not fully understand, please contact La Xanh via hotline 0988235035 (Mr. Nghia) or 0707870035 (Miss Ngan)

Natural protection does not need to start with great action; just we need to reduce a plastic straw is good enough.

La Xanh hopes to spread the green living spirit to the community and contribute to reducing plastic waste to the ocean.

A small act of ours but it will have a great influence on the future and the environment in the future.

Get started today with the Japanese style wooden spoon and fork set, guys!



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