Biodegradable Straws From Corn Flour




 Biodegradable cornstarch straw is one of the most popular products by customers today. a product line that completely replaces disposable plastic straws.



What is a biodegradable straw (self-decomposition straw from cornstarch)?

The biodegradable straws (cornstarch, corn straw) is made from plasticized corn starch. Capable of complete decomposition in natural conditions. Without generating microplastics or inorganic substances harmful to human health and natural environment

  1. The appearance is a bit like a plastic straw but the internal structure is completely different. One is super harmful and the other is super safe, super ecological.
  2. Bisphenol A (BPA), Polypropylene (PP) biodegradable straws
  3. No additives to enhance OXO-biodegradable self-decomposition, D2W, EPI, P-life, Reverte …
  4. Recognized by international and European organizations as a fully biodegradable material TUV AUSTRIA (TUV – authorized by the European Bioplastic Association) – Certified fully degradable material within 6 months Earth environment .
  5. The suction tube is converted to soil microorganisms into CO2, water, and valuable organic humus for the soil.
  6. Straws after use are considered organic waste and are capable of creating nutrients for plants

The suction tube is completely biodegradable

( The suction tube self-destructs )

Currently, biological straws are beginning to be popular in Vietnam. Recently in December 2019, The Coffee House chain officially put it into use in a series of cafes in Ho Chi Minh City. In the near future, it will be one of the products along with bamboo straws, almond grass, stainless steel, contributing to ending the existence of plastic straws in Vietnam as well as the world.

ống hút phân hủy sinh học hoàn toàn - ống hút có màng bọc


Why should we use purely biological straws??

It only takes us a second to buy disposable plastic utensils.

But the environment takes at least 1000 years to endure pollution; Because plastic utensils take 1000 years to decompose.

The cost of “1 second convenience” is really too expensive for the environment.

Be aware of the dangers of plastic straws; France has officially banned disposable plastic items.

Then, in April 2019, New York also followed in the footsteps of France when it officially banned the use of plastic packaging and straws.

From here on, the trend of using environmentally friendly products has spread around the world; including Vietnam.

The story of biological straws, self-destructing straws in the world

Since the past 2 years, cornstarch straws have been used as a breast pump for children in many countries in Europe. Canned dairy companies in Europe have begun to replace plastic straws with cornstarch straws.


So La Xanh answered the question “where to buy biodegradable straws?” of many customers.

Nature protection doesn’t have to start with big action; just we need to reduce one plastic straw is fine.

Being Xanh hopes to spread the spirit of green living to the community and contribute to reducing plastic waste in the ocean.

A small act of us but will have a great impact on the future and the environment in the future.

Get started today with La Xanh, friends!


1/ Muỗng Nĩa Gỗ; 2/ Đĩa Mo Cau ; 3/ Ly Tre; 4/ Muỗng Nĩa Tre; 5/ Ống hút bột bắp; 6/ Bàn Chải tre




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