Vietnamese bamboo straws is a trend of promoting milk tea cafe in 2019
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Vietnamese bamboo straws is a trend of promoting milk tea cafe in 2019

“The shop uses Vietnamese bamboo straws to drink coffee.”

At 8 am, the girl serving Caffsoline Cafe (18 Tran Quy, Ward 6, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City) politely answered when customers wondered why could not give him a plastic straw.

At the self-service counter, guests cannot find any plastic straws.

Only see each bundle of round yellow straws, thick, hard body, touching the smooth feeling.

That is the Vietnamese bamboo straw provided by La Xanh.

Caffsoline Café is one of the cafes sensitive to the trend of giving up plastic straws; protect nature and increase brand value in the eyes of customers.


1. Can bamboo be used as a straw?

The answer is yes. Bamboo is one of the best materials for making straws thanks to its toughness.

Bamboo grows strongly in countries with humid tropical climates; located on both sides of the equator, including Vietnam, China, India, France and Brazil.

Few people know that bamboo holds the Guinness record for being the fastest growing tree; can grow to 90 cm in just one day.

Because of this rapid growth, bamboo is considered to be the best resilient material source in the world.

With flexibility, vitality, so it does not contain growth drugs, stimulants, bamboo is considered a natural, safe material to make straws.

The trend of using bamboo straws has started a long time ago; and became a consumer trend in 2017, when Europe, the US and Australia began considering banning the use of plastic straws.

Until April 2019, when New York officially banned the use of plastic packaging and straws; then La Xanh way of life is definitely the trend of the future.

In Saigon, some coffee shop owners quickly caught that “wave”; replacing plastic straws with bamboo straws supplied by La Xanh, typically Caffsoline Café.

2. How are Vietnamese bamboo straws made?

La Xanh bamboo straws are made from Thanh Hoa bamboo source – the first bamboo bamboo ecological park in Vietnam.

Bamboo here has a thin, wide tube area, so it is suitable for coffee and meets the demand of drinking pearl milk tea.

To have a straw to the user’s hands, the bamboo must go through 7 stages.

  • Bamboo trees in the material area are exploited and brought to the factory.
  • Farmers filter out the qualified bamboo, bring sun to dry naturally.
  • They then cut the bamboo into 20cm segments (the standard length of the straws).
  • Bamboo is cleaned with salt water, dried.
  • Bamboo straws are canned and shipped to users.
  • After use, customers can clean bamboo straws with coir palm under hot water, dry, reuse within 3 – 6 months.

In particular, the most important is the bamboo cleaning section with biological brine.

Before being marketed, bamboo straws are tested for SO2 concentration – to be granted a certificate of bamboo straws qualified for export to foreign countries.

This certificate is the ticket for La Xanh bamboo straws to be accepted in the German market; Where commodity standards are high, the people are especially careful.

In addition, if customers have their own requirements, La Xanh can engrave the name of the business, restaurant, cafe …

Or meaningful messages on straws such as “Back to natural”, “Save the earth”, “Save the ocean” …

3. A psychology that cafe owners must know

Abandoning plastic straws is an indisputable trend; But all the coffee shop owners know that: Easy talk, make difficult.

In fact, many cafes have imported stainless steel straws to replace plastic; But some customers are not happy.

Even next time they did not visit the shop anymore.

Because the owner does not know this mentality:

“About 5% – 10% of consumers do not like to use straws, mugs have been touched by others mouth.”

Although the coffee shop scrubbed carefully, put stainless steel straws into boiling water; it also does not relieve the “sticky” mentality that rises when they touch the mouth of a straw.

Most importantly, this “strange” customer group is very loyal, willing to spend a lot of money on food.

They are the main source of revenue for the cafe.

So what to do?

The best way is to “give off” them always a bamboo straw; for them to bring it on their own, the mentality will be no more.

4. Three ways to use Vietnamese bamboo straws to promote the brand of the smartest cafe?

As a business owner, must catch the trend to push the “brainchild” increasingly moving forward.

The trend of 2019-2020 is Green life, friendly with nature, this is an obvious truth that is not discussed.

But, grasping how is well, few people can answer.

La Xanh suggests the 3 smartest ways for business owners to promote the coffee brand through Vietnamese bamboo straws.

4.1. One, brand imprint in employees

First, using bamboo straws will inspire the staff. Because of:

“Nothing strongly conveys the spirit of nature of business owners more than how to use bamboo straws.”

Anyone who deals in coffee or milk tea knows it well; During peak days, a shop can discharge nearly 300 plastic cups, 300 plastic straws.

The increase in sales is of course good news, but the guilt of destroying the environment is always in the hearts of decent employees.

Someone was so anxious that they had to quit their jobs and close the shop.

Therefore, using bamboo straws is a way to keep honest and sincere people; The most important condition for a healthy business.

4.2. Hai, engraved brand name cafe on bamboo straws

The second is to engrave the brand name with a meaningful sentence on the bamboo straws.

Café – milk tea is always a “red ocean” fierce competition, but sometimes win – failure is only due to two word “brand”.

With the same source of raw materials, strong brands live, weak brands die.

Therefore, engraving the brand in the head of the customer must always be the top of the priority business owners.

The most effective tool now is the spread of social media – but how?

Bamboo straws will solve that problem.

A small bamboo tree, but sending customers a clear message:

We are defending nature.

No need to say the big talk about social responsibility, just a bamboo straw is enough.

Comes with a funny message, printed on the body of the straw with the brand name of the shop; will easily connect with customers’ emotions.

4.3. Three, spread the image of cafes on social networks for free

When emotions come, users tend to pull out the smartphone; Take photos, post to Facebook, Zalo, Instagram, Pinterest … to save this feeling.

On average, a personal Facebook post will reach a minimum of 100 best friends.

Imagine, for every 1,000 visitors a month; If only 5% of those people are 50 people taking photos on social media, the brand name will naturally spread to their 5,000 friends.

If using advertising, to reach 5000 people, it can cost the business owner from 5 million to 10 million for the team of writing, photo designing, advertising management …

But one 9,000d bamboo straws can both spread the brand and share the natural protection spirit to over 5,000 people around.

4.4. Three ways to use Vietnamese bamboo straws to promote the brand of the smartest cafe?

What business owners look for when dealing in coffee or milk tea is always frequency – the frequency of customers visiting the shop.

A guest to 1 time per month with an invoice of VND 100,000 is not worth the same value as a guest only VND 20,000; but appear “all days” 20 times a month.

Shop owners can use bamboo straws as an indirect “bridge” to increase the frequency, such as:

  • 10% discount when customers use bamboo straws to engrave the name of the shop.
  • Free water for group of 3 people with bamboo straws …

There are many ideas for business owners to promote sales promotions; especially at the beginning of the month, when customers have just received their salary.

With bamboo straws, just a little clever clever, surely business owners will develop revenue as they want


Caffsoline Cafe is just one of the cafes that follow the latest trend of 2019.

Every week, La Xanh regularly sends bamboo straws to cafes such as Caffsoline Café and Garage Coffee; receive requests to engrave the brand name of the enterprise, including Proedu, foreign countries with Wahi in Hawaii (USA), Hotel Hafen Flensburg in Germany …

Team La Xanh feels very clearly the wave of returning to nature – greening the world more and more powerful, attracting anyone with a kind heart to follow.

If the owner of the same business wishes, just add more friends, La Xanh team is ready to accompany the owner.

Just connect with La Xanh on 0988235035 (Mr Nghia), we will meet.

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