Will bamboo straws make you mighty?

Will bamboo straws make you mighty?

“Will bamboo straws make you mighty?”

This sentence is hard to understand. Let La Xanh explain.

Many people desire to do great things.

But did we know that using a bamboo straw can make you great?

Today, La Xanh team would like to share your story Hong Nguyen – co-founder La Xanh about Nguyen’s journey back to nature through Vietnamese bamboo straws.



1. Money does not buy everything, but money buys almost everything

I was born into a working family and have a tradition of business for nearly a century.

Therefore, I hate empty philosophy.

If you want to say, choose a simple word.

If you do, then start doing the actual thing.From childhood hardship helps me understand the saying:

“Money doesn’t buy everything, but money buys almost everything.”

For thirty years of existence, I always try to make money by all means.

Life taught me that money is not hard to earn.

With a little intelligence, honesty, agility and effort, I can live well.

I solved the question that made 95% of the crowd stress:

“How to make money?”

But, one late afternoon in 2017, when I was drinking coffee, watching the construction worker build the first house made by my own hands, I found something too strange:

“Before, I thought happiness was home. Why is this time, had home, I’m still unhappy? ”

ong hut tre

2. Almost everything, except … happiness

Without one billion, I crave one billion.

There are more than a billion, I was startled:

“Oh my God! Does my life have nothing but the words “make money”? “

Money is a necessary condition. But not enough conditions for me to be happy.

Even if I earn another 5 billion, another 10 billion. that will not make me more excited. If I cannot answer the two questions:

“Who am I really?”

“What is the true meaning of my life?”

I really don’t know the answer.

It depressed me for months.

ong hut tre

4. Who am I and a billion … straws

One day, while I was waiting for my partner in the cafe, looking at a peach cup of tea and a black plastic straw, I suddenly calculated it.

If a person drank a cup of coffee daily, using a plastic straw, then 7 days would be 7 straws.

Vietnam has 90 million people, at least 3 million people have to drink coffee every morning; that’s 21 million straws discharged every week, 84 million straws a month, and … 1,008 million straws are discharged each year?

I have to read again, I afraid read wrong. Not 18 million. Is 1,008 million. Ie … A BILLION.

Not a few dozen, a few thousand, but ONE BILL plastic straws discharged a year.

I am contributing to THAT ONE. With this peach tea cup.

But a straw takes ONE THOUSAND YEARS to decompose.

I know the law of cause and effect. A billion plastic straws, which exist for a thousand years sooner or later, will  return to the consequences for my children and grandchildren.

I don’t want to put my future to death.

But, if you want a better future, don’t say it, do it. I have to be a pioneer to change a comfortable lifestyle to become familiar, to return to nature.

But how?

I know myself a lazy one. Without a very formidable motivation, I would never do, not even a finger, to correct myself.

5. Please knock, the door will open

As a follower of God, as a child I listened to the Bible , humming every single word like singing in the middle of cathedral:

“Because anyone please is allowed;who find is meet; who knocking on the door will be able to open.”

Who among you, when his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? ”

It seems that God has listened to my wish this time.

ong hut tre

At the end of 2017, in an accidental comment on Facebook, I met Nghia again.

Nghia and I have been CEO class of SG05 for a long time.

But it was not until the end of 2017 that the two sisters discovered we were in the same direction: We wanted to do business in the direction of being friendly with nature.

Say to do , in early 2018, we set up Hoi An Development Co., Ltd.

We start from the things smallest, most commonly used, and hardest to decompose: plastic straws.

If  want to get rid of the habit of having a plastic straw every day, I have to be a pioneer.

There is no better way than selling your own products that remind you to live more naturally every day: bamboo straws.

6. Hardship two word “nature”

We spend months searching for the source of the material.

Finally, the two sisters stopped in Thanh Hoa – the place where the first bamboo ecological park was established in Vietnam.

Nourished by the Ma River, this bamboo grows lush, thin bamboo; enough to produce a wide-area bamboo straw, from 6mm to 8mm, easy to hold, easy to use, especially to drink pearl milk tea.

Did the natural product is choose difficult way

Currently the market is still new, the purchasing power is low.

But I do not go looking for customers, I go to connect with companions.

Because I understand that only people who are really serious about nature use bamboo straws.

They are more than customers. They are like-minded to me, with La Xanh.

Sometimes, customers come to the place to import large quantities of bamboo straws, they just ask the straws to be colored, square, beautiful; to put into their restaurant system; We also have to refuse.

Because it was a natural bamboo straw, have nothing the same color and square?

Each bamboo tube has a different color, size also a few mm difference.

In particular, natural bamboo straws often have a small brown spot on the body of the pipe, the cleaning is not clean, the brush does not lose, we call it “naturally bestowed on it”.

It is this brown spot that makes bamboo straws unequal, always brown, yellow, gray, pale mixed.

But, customers have their own reasons, their expectations are right.

Can’t agree, then break up, know what to do?

7. The road to happiness

Also from that failure deal, I myself understand, La Xanh is an extremely small business.

Because there are so many natural things we have to do every day, little by little; but the results came very slowly, such as using packaging to be recycled paper, paper from cajuput; buying bamboo from farmers does not force prices.

All are difficult, require effort, and the results are almost never perfect.

But, whatever difficulties I can accept.

Not because of whom I want to evangelize, or whom to inspire.

But because I’m happy when I’m made La Xanh.

La Xanh though small, but anyway in my eyes it is the meaning of life

ong hut tre

8. Just using a bamboo straw makes you mighty

Many of us want to do great things. Want to change the world.

They are on TV, on stage, wearing microphones, pressing powerpoint slides, saying great words.

They said more than enough, I now shouted any sentence was redundant. I just want to take action.

I think that changing the world does not necessarily come from big things.

Using just one bamboo straw, that’s enough.

Because Vietnam is litter more than A BILLION straws a year, and ONE THOUSAND years they decompose.

Should reduce a plastic straw, light burden for Mother Nature for a millennium, it was silent greatness already.

But I did not try to convince anyone.

I just tried to live well, and find companions, and everyone around me thought how that was their right.

Just let it be, somewhere Heaven will be arrange.

I believe that great desires will always find their way into reality.

Elon Musk will bring people to Mars, Pham Nhat Vuong will bring  Vietnamese cars become famous.

And me and my companions, continuing to follow the simple belief, are:

We don’t need to say big words, just using a bamboo straw is enough to make us great.



Can bamboo be used as a straw?

The answer is yes. Bamboo is one of the best materials for making straws thanks to its toughness.

Bamboo grows strongly in countries with humid tropical climates; located on both sides of the equator, including Vietnam, China, India, France and Brazil.

Few people know that bamboo holds the Guinness record for being the fastest growing tree; can grow to 90 cm in just one day.

Because of this rapid growth, bamboo is considered to be the best resilient material source in the world.

With flexibility, vitality, so it does not contain growth drugs, stimulants, bamboo is considered a natural, safe material to make straws.

The trend of using bamboo straws has started a long time ago; and became a consumer trend in 2017, when Europe, the US and Australia began considering banning the use of plastic straws.

7 steps to make a bamboo straw

La Xanh bamboo straws are made from Thanh Hoa bamboo source – the first bamboo bamboo ecological park in Vietnam.

Bamboo here has a thin, wide tube area, so it is suitable for coffee and meets the demand of drinking pearl milk tea.

To have a straw to the user’s hands, the bamboo must go through 7 stages.

  • Bamboo trees in the material area are exploited and brought to the factory.
  • Farmers filter out the qualified bamboo, bring sun to dry naturally.
  • They then cut the bamboo into 20cm segments (the standard length of the straws).
  • Bamboo is cleaned with salt water, dried.
  • Bamboo straws are canned and shipped to users.
  • After use, customers can clean bamboo straws with coir palm under hot water, dry, reuse within 3 – 6 months.

In particular, the most important is the bamboo cleaning section with biological brine.

Before being marketed, bamboo straws are tested for SO2 concentration – to be granted a certificate of bamboo straws qualified for export to foreign countries.

This certificate is the ticket for La Xanh bamboo straws to be accepted in the German market; Where commodity standards are high, the people are especially careful.

In addition, if customers have their own requirements, La Xanh can engrave the name of the business, restaurant, cafe …

Or meaningful messages on straws such as “Back to natural”, “Save the earth”, “Save the ocean” …

How to buy and use properly?

To buy bamboo straws, you can refer to La Xanh website, or order online via Tiki and Lazada.

Then you need to choose the right size you want. The diameter of straws for drinking coffee is 6mm, and milk tea is 12mm.

When receiving the goods, please check the quality, whether the turf pipe is broken or cracked during transportation. Please contact La Xanh via hotline 0988235035 (Mr. Nghia).

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