Exporting Grass Straws to Taiwan
Chuyển hàng lên xe tải

Exporting Grass Straws to Taiwan

Export Straws To Foreign Countries


Exporting straws in the season of Covid -19

“Covid-19 Can Do Fallen World – But We Don’t”
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Experiencing a volatile epidemic, but we have never given up this war ….

if not for the fire, then be the green leaf adorn the forest. With that philosophy in mind, we constantly improve the production process and improve the productivity of our products. The large export orders we have exceeded the targets and schedule ..
Is Xanh wants to call on everyone to work together to share Vietnam’s green values ​​to the world …
————————————————– ———————————
“Being Green Companion With Friends” – “A Little Flame or Everlasting Belief”

Get started today with Being Green, will you do?

Get started today with La Xanh, will you do?

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