Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

Understand that our Customers are very concerned about the confidentiality and confidentiality of the personal information you have provided to us. Green is very respectful of that trust and commits that this information will be our utmost effort to keep confidential. Being Green ensures that customers will use customer information in a reasonable and considerate manner to constantly improve the quality of their services and give customers a pleasant shopping experience at our website.

1. Collect customer information
Your order details are kept by us but for security reasons we do not publish directly. We are committed to protecting personal data and are not allowed to disclose it to third parties.

In addition, the transaction information including: purchase history, transaction value, shipping and payment methods are also stored by Green Is to solve problems that may arise later.

2. Use the information
The purpose of collecting information is to build Is Xanh into an e-commerce website that brings the most benefits to customers. Therefore, the use of information will serve the following activities:

Send newsletters to introduce new products and promotions of Is Xanh
Provide a number of utilities, customer support services
Improve the quality of Green’s customer service Resolve issues and disputes arising from the use of the website
Prevent activities that violate Vietnamese law.
 3. Sharing information
Green is aware that customer information is a very important part of the business and they will not be sold or exchanged for another third party. We will not share customer information except in the following specific cases:

To protect Blue Is and other third parties: We only give account information and other personal information when we are convinced that giving such information is in accordance with the law, protecting the rights, property of service users, Is Green and other third parties.
Upon legal request from a government agency or when we believe it is necessary and appropriate to comply with legal requirements.
In the remaining cases, we will notify Customer in detail when disclosing information to a third party and this information is provided only with the consent of you. Customer. For example, promotions with cooperation, sponsorship with partners of La Xanh; provide the necessary forwarding information for shipping units
It certainly does not include the sale, sharing that leads to the disclosure of customers’ personal information for commercial purposes in violation of the commitments set out in LaXanh’s Customer Information Privacy Policy.

4. Confidentiality of customer information
We also undertake not to intentionally disclose customer information, not sell or share Green’s customer information for commercial purposes in violation of our commitments to the Customers Privacy policy of La Xanh customer information.

La Xanh stresses that we are very concerned about the interests of our customers in protecting personal information, so in case you have suggestions, questions related to our privacy policy, please Please contact via Email or our hotline.

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