Bag Canvas of 3 Glass Straws (1 tube of Milk Tea + 2 tubes of Cafe)


Bag Canvas of 3 glass straws including:

  • 1 straw diameter 12mm to drink milk tea.
  • 2 6mm diameter straws for drinking coffee, water and tea.
  • 1 high-end brush to clean the straw.
  • 1 preserving box made from wheat flour; both firm and natural.

Glass straws are safe for health. Contain in wheat boxes should be suitable to take to work, travel, or give gifts to people far away, with reasonable prices, good meaning, nice form.


Mua ống hút thủy tinh HCM? là băn khoăn của những người muốn bảo vệ tự nhiên bằng cách hạn chế ống hút nhựa.

Trong bài viết, team Là Xanh sẽ giải đáp câu hỏi này.


What is glass straws?

Glass straws are a unique creative idea; first popularized in Germany, then spread around the world since 2017; to solve the problem of disposable plastic straws.

Glass straws are made of sand, silicon dioxide, sodium oxide, calcium oxide. These materials are processed at high temperatures; to be a finished product is glass.

Glass straws have the advantage of being completely free of toxic substances, and not affecting the taste of the drink.

Therefore, customers prefer glass straws because they still feel the full flavor of coffee, milk tea; but safe, do not worry about contaminating micro-particles, or high temperature plastic turns into toxins like when using plastic straws once.

Mua ống hút thủy tinh HCM

Bag Canvas of 3 Glass Straws

Why should we use glass straws?

It only takes us 1 second to use a plastic straw.

But the environment takes at least 200 years to endure pollution; because a plastic straw takes 200 years to decompose.

Not only that, the use of plastic straws also exposes the body to micro-plastic; gradually affect badly to health; can even cause heart disease, and cancer.

The price of “1 second convenient” is really too expensive; both for our health and for the environment.

Be aware of the dangers of plastic straws; France has officially banned single-use plastic items.

Then, in April 2019, New York also followed France when it officially banned the use of plastic packaging and straws.

From here, the trend of using environmentally friendly straws has spread around the world; including Vietnam.

Between solutions of straws, bamboo straws …; The glass straw has a large number of “fans” because of its “luxurious” appearance.

Using coffee at restaurants and hotels brings a clean and luxurious feeling to customers.

However, in Vietnam, many consumers are still confused; not sure where to buy wholesale glass straws to ensure quality wholesale.

And they come to La Xanh.

Why are La Xanh glass straws popular?

To have a glass straw to the user’s hands; La Xanh team goes through 5 stages:

  1. Glass straws are imported 1.6m long tree from abroad. Glass material is high-grade glass, so durable, bright and difficult to break. Glass is processed at high temperatures, with greater thermal elasticity than conventional glass.
  2. The worker cuts into 20cm segments – the standard size of the straws.
  3. The workers make smooth two ends of straws by fire.
  4. Done, workers clean straws, pack.
  5. Glass straws are delivered to customers.

La Xanh’s glass straw is favored for 5 reasons:

  • Made from durable, heat-resistant, high-strength glass.
  • Especially safe for health.
  • Luxurious figure, beautiful, meets the aesthetic taste of the fastidious customers.
  • Friendly with nature.
  • La Xanh provides Canvas bags and containers (from wheat flour); to store straws. The design of the bag and box are both exquisite and beautiful; suitable as a gift.


Because of the seriousness of making products, within 2 years, La Xanh has distributed straws widely to many resorts, restaurants, cafes, including brands Choose, Vinamit Organic, Wahi (Hawaii), Hotel Hafen. Flensburg (Germany), Projektkontor GmbH (Germany) …

Mua ống hút thủy tinh HCM

Bag Canvas of 3 Glass Straws

Specification of glass straws:

  • Chiều dài ống: 20cm.
  • Tube length: 20cm.
  • Diameter: size 8mm (drink milk tea) and size 6mm (drink coffee).
  • Expiry date: 1-3 years.
  • The product is completely biodegradable, does not harm nature.
  • Products to ensure safety for users

User manual:

  • Glass straws are used to drink water, coffee, milk tea.
  • When finished using, customers wash glass straws with a dedicated brush; Hang in a dry place.
  • A glass straw can be reused within 1-3 years for individual users.

Methods of preservation::

  • After use, wash the glass suction hose with the dedicated brush attached under the tap for cleaning.
  • Bring dried to reuse.
  • Store straws in a clean and dry place.
  • When traveling, or traveling, customers should keep the straw in the box (made from wheat flour) to avoid dust from falling into the straw.

So La Xanh answered the question “Where to buy wholesale glass straws?” Of many customers.

Besides the La Xanh’s official website, you can order high quality glass straws at Tiki and Lazada.

When receiving the goods, please check the quality; If there is any problem, please contact La Xanh via hotline 0988235035 (Mr. Nghia).

Natural protection does not need to start with great action; just we need to reduce a plastic straw is good enough.

La Xanh hopes to spread the spirit of green living to the community and contribute to reducing plastic waste to the ocean.

A small act of ours but it will have a great influence on the future and the environment in the future.

Get started today with glass straws, will you?

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